50 in 4 Report

IVCA-Dick O Brien Leisure League 2016 Round 3 – 13th March 50 in 4.
Report by Tony Pearson
50 years ago today, the 13th March 1966, the first spin of the Irish Veteran Cyclists Association was held. With this backdrop it was a privilege to have the opportunity to organise the 3rd Round of the Dick O’Brien Leisure League. This is thanks to Gay Farnan, through his leadership qualities, guided and supported many touring ‘apprentices’ and afforded them opportunity to organise an IVCA event.

The 3rd round of Leisure League commenced at the new start point of Clonee with sign on commencing at 8:30 for a 9:00 start. The weather forecast was favourable with temperatures of 6 degrees with dry roads and even some blue skies in the horizon.

A total of 29 riders signed on which accounted for 24 IVCA members and 5 guests. Before setting out on the newly planned route the group were issued with a route map and reminded of the safety rules. It was agreed to keep the group together until the tea stop at Summerhill on the return leg of the tour and then break into two groups.

Before starting Seamus Brennan informed the group of some local news and advised that the Patricks Day Parade was taking place in Dunboyne and a detour may be required on the home run, he also advised the group to take extra care on the Maynooth Road. The group set out in the direction of Dunboyne at a steady pace however as the group moved up the road towards Summerhill the pace increased and some riders found the pace challenging. Noting this the group adjusted the pace to ensure all riders stayed together as agreed.

On the approach to Summerhill a quick thinking Arthur Ebbs went up the road to make arrangements with the local coffee shop ‘Bernie’s Cafe’ for the coffee stop on the return trip.
The group stopped for a minute in Summerhill to ensure all riders were together before heading for Knightsbrook. On the approach to Knightsbrook Philly Newton with a smile on his face moved to the front and was half wheeling yours truly. There was plenty of banter in the group as we rounded the corner heading for Mayne. The group continued at a steady pace until the well earned tea stop in Summerhill.

The pre planning by Arthur proved dividends with pots of tea and coffee ready on arrival with a selection of pastries on offer, not to mention the pancakes which Jimmy and Brian made disappear.

After the tea stop the group split in two and made their way back through Kilcock, Maynooth, on the road to Dunboyne Jimmy Murphy noticed he was losing air from the back wheel and decided to keep going to the finish in Clonee where Philip Brogon came to his aid with a track pump. As Jimmy decided that a tube change was not necessary at this juncture he headed for home with Brian from TCC. Just to be on the safe side the TCC number 2 support car was dispatched which provided support to Jimmy and Brian on the home run.
The total distance of the tour was recorder as 80.9K.

A note of thanks to all who participated and in particular to fast group who stayed with the main group until the tea stop as agreed.

The next tour is the Liam Horner Memorial scheduled for the 10th April at 10:00am starting in Clonee. (check the IVCA web site closed to the day to confirm)

Tony Pearson.

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