IVCA Insurance 
The IVCA has the following insurance policies :
Public Liability:
Provides third party liability cover to IVCA members  ONLY when taking part in IVCA authorised events including races, TT’s and touring events. This policy does NOT provide third party liability cover to IVCA members when out training, NOR when taking part in club races, etc.
Please note that all IVCA members taking part in Cycling Ireland races, or club leagues in Cycling Ireland affiliated clubs, must take out an appropriate license with Cycling Ireland in addition to their IVCA license.
Personal Accident insurance: 
This provides limited Personal Accident cover to IVCA members when riding their bike irrespective of the circumstances. Please note, however, this cover is invalidated if the IVCA member is not wearing a helmet at the time of their accident as is warranted in the policy. This covers racing and training. Please note benefits are limited, subject to a variety of conditions and definitions, and an excess applies. In the case of Loss of Earnings, this is available only for Temporary Total Disablement, after a defined deferment period of 28 days (with no benefit being payable during this deferment period following the injury), and is subject to a weekly financial limit, and is subject to a limited period of cover after the deferment period.
For clarity, please note there is NO cover under the IVCA personal accident policy for damaged equipment or clothing.
Claim Procedure
In order to ensure that the IVCA is in a position to obtain personal accident insurance cover, and to do so at a reasonable cost, it is important to note that the Board has a claims management process in place. If you wish to make a claim under the IVCA Personal Accident Insurance policy, you MUST in the first instance notify the IVCA secretary ( who will advise you of the process for claiming. As the policy holder, the IVCA will liaise on an ongoing basis with our insurance broker on all potential and actual claims
In support of any claim, please retain all invoices and receipts in support of your claim, the total amount being claimed, and relevant details and date of the incident, and forward scanned / digital copies of same to the IVCA Secretary.
(All information above is correct as of December 2019)
Declaration of Awareness
Please be advised that with regard to ALL events facilitated by the IVCA (Road Races, Time Trials, Touring, Track events and any other IVCA event), EACH participant (be they cyclists, or marshals) by partaking in such an event, actively consent to the Declaration of Awareness, available at the following link: