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Results TTL_01 Blackbull 10mTT
Tuesday nights 10 mile time trial (TTL_01) was a test of endurance to keep the bikes in a straight line while battling a difficult crosswind on the outward leg of the Blackbull course with time in the main being below normal expectations. There was a field of 22, with some new faces attending for the first time, supported by our two timekeepers, Harry and Ger, with support provided by 7 marshalls, 1 starter and our resident medic in attendance.
Ian Cassidy was the fastest on Age standard (+3:28)  followed by Joe Sheehy (+2:20)and Hugh Davis (+1:59) in second and third.
Peter Raftery (98.32%) was fastest versus Handicap followed by Ivan Eustace (100.91%) and Rodney Joyce (101.26%).
Fastest on the night was Ian Cassidy (21:58).
Full results are available on the IVCA website TT_Results.

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