IVCA DMS Curragh Sunday 10th April

Sign on from 8 – 8.45am @the Curragh Race Start 9am

 It is very important that when you sign-on at each race that you have you racing card swiped otherwise you won’t be listed on the start sheet

Marshals please arrive at least 30 mins before the race start for your briefing

Take M7 South. Get off at Junction 12. Cross back over the motorway and follow the R413 past the Curragh race coarse on your Left.

At Approx 2km you take a right fork onto the Rathbride Road . Cross over narrow railway bridge and continue until you meet the R415. (Rathbride Cross)

At this stage you will see the cars parked.

Directions Here 



Folks, please remember that you are competing on OPEN ROADS, so stay on the correct (left) side of the road and please avoid physical contact with your follow competitors during the race.

 Don’t forget that Marshals have no power to halt traffic – their purpose is to warn traffic that there are riders on the course 

 As always, we ask riders to respect property and not leave any litter


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