Closing date for IVCA 2018 Season is 1st February

A reminder that the closing date to apply for Racing Membership of the IVCA for 2018 is 1st February.  We have a lot of interest from people looking to join the IVCA for the first time, but are giving priority to our existing/recent members.
However, given the level of interest, we cannot extend the closing date of 1st February, so if you want to race this season and haven’t registered yet, secure your place in the peloton by completing your membership now.
You can apply on-line by going to the Eventmaster website:  This website option will not be available after 1st February.
Enter your four-digit IVCA Membership Number from your race sign-on card (n.b. not your pin-on number) and you should be able to register.
William Parnell
IVCA Administrative Secretary

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