TTL_08. Al Fresco Shield 25 TT. Moy Valley.

Apologies. An error on Ed Hogan’s handicap necessitated a reprocessing of the result.

On what was one of the few decent days for TT’s this season a few fine balmy but breezy evening produced twelve beatings of handicap ( from a field of 25 riders ) with Ed Hogan taking the prestigious Al Fresco Shield and Ed. O’Brien and Pat Byrne in second and third places. Ed was way ahead with a magnificent improvement in form whilst the next three on handicap were covered by less than 1% difference in net improvement.
Similarly the next seven riders on handicap were also coved by less than 1%. Now that is what you call close competition!
Hugh Davis was winner on Age Standard with +11:36 followed by Pat Byrne
( +10:53) and Joe Sheehy +10:53 also the two being split in Pat’s favour by just 0.25 sec.
Fastest on the night was first time TTer with us, Fergal May, Welcome aboard in high fashion Fergal :-)
A let down by three of the eight scheduled marshals without swaps being arranged was the only setback to the evening. In fact we should have had twelve for this course but the change of venue was the cause of that oversight .
Thanks as ever to Harry on the watch and also to Mrs Mongey who helped out as finish marshal, and of course to the five scheduled guys who did turn out.
Next TT, Saturday 29th July at Kilcock and hoping for a float morning. I live in unfulfilled hope !

PS. Apologies for late result posting, bit of a medical crisis at home. All OK now.

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