TT Guidelines

Time Trial Guidelines

Competitors’ Machines

Every competitor is responsible for ensuring that their machine is roadworthy and capable of being ridden on the
public highway in safety.
In all evening events riders must have a rear light fitted and switched on.
Entry will be refused to any rider without a rear light.

Protective Helmets

All competitors must wear an approved hard shell helmet meeting approved safety standard.
Completing the course
It is the rider’s responsibility to correctly complete the course. If dismounted for any portion of the course, the rider
must wheel or carry his own machine. No assistance shall be accepted.

Observance of the Rules of the Road

All competitors in, or in the vicinity of the event must observe the Rules of the Road. In particular competitors must:

  • Ride on the left hand side of the road, except for safe overtaking or to make right hand turns.
  • Obey all traffic signals and signs.
  • In making any turn to left or right, it is the rider’s responsibility to ensure his/her own safety.
  • Competitors must at all times ride in a manner which is safe to both themselves and any other  road user.
  • It must be noted that marshals are in attendance to indicate direction and not to hold up or stop any vehicles.
  • Marshals are also charged with monitoring and noting any discretion in respect of rules of the road and also these
    rules of conduct.

In the event an accident caused by a competitor’s failure to comply with the any of the above, that competitor shall be
liable to suspension from racing.

Paced and Company Riding

Competitors shall ride entirely alone , unassisted, and not ride in the company of, or take shelter from, any other rider
or vehicle.
When overtaking another rider, a competitor must pass without taking or giving shelter.
The onus of avoiding company riding or taking pace is the responsibility of the overtaken rider who should allow a
gap to open immediately to a distance of a minimum of 25 metres.
No competitor shall be preceded, accompanied or followed by, or in any way receive assistance from, any person
in/on a motor vehicle.
These are strict rules of time trialling, contravention of which will result in disqualification from the event.
A subsequent offence will result in suspension from time trials for the remaining seasons events and disqualification
from leagues.
A third offence will result in permanent expulsion from IVCA Racing.
Officials, marshals and riders should report any observed discretions to the timekeeper before leaving the event finish.
All members are encouraged to observe this requirement.

IVCA Time Trial Committee 2015.