IVCA seeking new women members

Women are very welcome to join the IVCA from the year of their 35th birthday onwards (if you are 35 at any stage of the year, you can join straight away!).  The IVCA has been in existence for over 50 years and has huge experience in touring and race organisation: the races are well organised and are run on established circuits.

Some of the benefits of joining the IVCA include:

  • an all-inclusive insurance cover for any cycling event – which also includes your daily commute;
  • entry to all leisure and (depending on membership option selected) competitive cycling events;
  • free entry to the Wicklow 200 for Leisure Members; and
  • no additional race fees for racing and TT members.

For those who cannot take time out on Sundays, Time Trials are run on Saturdays just after 9 am. The distance of the Saturday Time Trials is generally 10 miles.

Road Races are run according to ‘ability standard’ at a time of day which suits women with families. All Sunday events start just after 9 am and are finished by 11.30 am.  Tuesday evening races are run at 7.15 pm and are over by 8.30 pm.

The IVCA also caters for Leisure riders, with a League programme running throughout the year.

We will be delighted to welcome you for the 2017 season. For more information, please contact Ciara Kinch on ciaraskinch@gmail.com with any queries.

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