All roads lead to Wicklow this Sunday

All roads lead to Wicklow this Sunday, as Ireland’s Premier Sportive, the IVCA’s Wicklow 200, takes to the by-ways of Co. Wicklow. After more than 30 years, the Wicklow continues to stand out as The One that cyclists look forward to completing. It ain’t easy, but that’s what makes it special.

What also makes it special for riders is the support and good humour they encounter from the IVCA marshals along the route. We are delighted with the response and willingness from IVCA members to help out again this year.

Here are a few pointers for those of you who will be out on the roads guiding the riders through:

  • Our key organising this year from Global Endurance Events are Alan Heary, Emmet Roche, Mary Nolan and Lorraine Lewis. These folks have planned everything to a ‘T’, so if they have a particular request of you, please assist them – they know the big picture and they also appreciate the support they are getting from the IVCA members.
  • As a marshal, your job is to direct the riders to follow the route, to make sure they are stopping at Stop signs, and to warn of any upcoming hazards. You are not empowered to stop traffic.
  • The plan is to provide all Marshals with a high-viz vest and a goody-bag with refreshments as the lead car goes around the route. We would ask you to bring your own hi-vis vest with you, if you have one, just in case any riders reach you before our car. Make sure to bring plenty of your own water with you also – it’s to be a humid day.
  • Not all marshal points are at junctions, some are at hazard points on the route. At these points, we would ask you to warn the riders of the upcoming hazard and try to slow them if you feel they are traveling too fast.
  • If you have a track pump, please bring it along and leave it visible at the side of the road next to you for riders who might need to use it.
  • A small number of members do not appear to have received e-mails advising them of their marshalling points. If you are one of those members, please be assured that your help is still needed. You should turn up in the Shoreline Centre before 7 am on Sunday and you will be assigned a job.
  • If you are a designated cycle marshal, a moto marshal or are driving a (IVCA) support vehicle during the event, please have a chat with Emmet Roche at Shoreline before you set-off.
  • Finally, the CycleSuperstore have provided three €50 vouchers for a draw for all those who marshal on the day. Winners will be notified in due course.

Good luck to everyone on Sunday. Thanks for helping out, and above all, have fun!



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