IVCA 2-Day

Today saw the first leg of the IVCA’s 2-Day event.  Hard racing in warm weather brought fine wins for Sean Bracken, Aidan Delaney, Aidan McKenna and Jim Morahan.

The second leg of the 2-Day takes place in Kilcullen on Bank Holiday Monday.  Total points accumulated over the two days will decide the winner of the Australian Shield.  This Shield was presented to the IVCA a number of years ago by Len Laycock, a good friend of the late Donal O’Connell.  Although Len was living in Australia, he kept in regular touch with events in the IVCA through the Chaingang News bulletin and made a generous donation of the prize that is now competed for in the 2-Day event.

Our accompanying photo (courtesy of Brendan Culleton) captures what makes the IVCA special (it’s not  all about the bike!).

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