Event Details Summerhill Tuesday 31/05/16

25k – Lap with Race 1,2 & 3 – 2 laps and Race 4  – 1 lap

Event Timetable
Information Date Time Venue/Location
Registration / Sign on opens 31st May’16 6.30 Community Centre Summerhill
Registration / Sign on closes 31st May’16 7.00 Community Centre Summerhill
Marshal/stewards sign-on 31st May’16 6.30 Community Centre Summerhill
Marshal/stewards briefing 31st May’16 6.45 Community Centre Summerhill
Marshal/stewards etc. in place 31st May’16 7.00 Community Centre Summerhill
Competitor race briefing 31st May’16 7.10 Community Centre Summerhill
Event start 31st May’16 7.15 Community Centre Summerhill


Course details:

KM Road /Route no Description
0km L6212 Start outside the community centre in Summerhill
0.1km L6212 /R158 After 100 metres turn left into Summerhill
0.2km R158 Turn left onto R158 towards Trim.
2.1km R158 Go passed the Church
6.5km R158 Go up drag at Trim Quarry. Fast descent from quarry
9.7km R158 /R160 At the Trim roundabout take a left (1st Exit) for Longwood
12.2km R160 Continue passed Trim Golf Club
14.3km R160 Caution: Road narrows
14.9km R160 Continue straight through crossroads
16.2km R160 /R156 Turn Left onto R156 towards Rathmoylon
19km R156 Minor crosswords. Continue
19.7km R156 Caution Rathmoylon church
20km R156 At the Rathmoylon crossroads continue straight on.
20.1 R156 Caution: Right-hand bend.
23.3km R156 Caution: Crossroads. Downhill approach. 1.3 km to Finish
24.6km             R156 Pass finish line to begin next lap
25.0km R156 / R158 Turn left onto R158 to begin next lap
  R156 Finish just before Summerhill GFC sign





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