Riders Needed : IVCA Lead Car Video Shoot Saturday March 10th

Hi All,

The IVCA are creating an instruction for all members on how to drive a lead car and what they need to be aware of while driving a lead car during a race situation.

So we are looking for at least 30 bike riders to assist with making our short film which will illustrate the role and duties of a lead car driver.

For that we need two groups of cyclists riding behind lead cars while we film from a number of different angles. The whole process will only take a couple of hours at most. We’re planning to shoot in Batterstown on Saturday morning from 9.30am onwards.

If you’re planning a spin on Saturday March 10th, why not incorporate a bit of social cycling and we’d be delighted if you could assist us in making the film. In a very real way you’ll be helping to make the racing experience a better and safer one for all.

 Who: Bike Riders with bikes

What: Film Shoot

Where: Petrol Station, Batterstown

When: Saturday9.30am 

Contact: Declan Quigley on 085 7055937 or at  Declan@informsportmedia.com

Declan is available at the above number and email address if further details are needed.

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday morning.

Thanks !


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