IVCA Track Championships, 2017. Medal winners.

  • a-thorn-between-the-roses
  • img_3470
  • img_3471
  • img_3472
  • img_3473
  • img_3474
  • img_3476
  • img_3477
  • img_3481
  • img_3482
  • img_3483
  • img_3484
  • img_3486

img_3486 img_3484 img_3483 img_3482 img_3481 img_3477 img_3476 img_3474 img_3473 img_3472 img_3471 img_3470 a-thorn-between-the-rosesPhoto’s courtesy of Tom O’Connell.

A great day had by all. Really lucky with the weather window.

Many thanks to Hugh, Stephen, John and Tom for the organization on the day.

Results to follow in a separate post.


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