WW 200 – the final countdown

Once again, we want to thank our members for agreeing to help out at the Wicklow 200 next Sunday.  A big thanks, too, to those who have been assisting in the preparations during the week.

*Some final important notes for you*

Please turn up promptly at your scheduled time.  You may be taking over from someone who has been on duty from early in the day, so your arrival will be greeted with much appreciation!

When you arrive at your designated point you must text your name to this number: 086 269 9059 so that we know your marshal point is covered.

You will be supplied on the day with some food, water and a hi-viz vest if you don’t have one.

We would ask that all road marshals bring a couple of spare tubes, tyre levers and a track pump (if you have one).  If you have to give someone a tube we will replace it for you.

Mechanical and medical emergency numbers are on the numbers attached to the handlebars of the participants bikes. They are:

*Mechanical -* 086 862 1831
*Medical emergency -* 087 414 7210
Please stay safe and remember you are not allowed or expected to stop traffic. If you are at the top of climbs, keep telling riders to take care on the descent.
Many thanks again for helping to make the Wicklow an enjoyable event for all participants.  We hope you also enjoy the banter with the cyclists and encourage them along the way.

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