Monthly Archive: May 2021

IVCA Members Update on Racing from July

Hi all.

I hope everyone is keeping well and adjusting to getting back to some sort of normality now that Covid restrictions are lifting?
The Executive and Race Committees have continued to  meet on line  during  the lock down.
We are actively looking at Starting the racing season at the beginning of July.
We have agreed to just go with Weekend events, Road races TT’s and a Track event.
There will be no league, just stand alone events each week.
We have a lot of preparation work to do so we will update everyone as we make progress securing venues, Motorbike marshals, paramedic cover etc.
We are restricting which venues we use so we will probably stick with 3 or 4 venues repeating.
We are currently getting information from our current membership so we gauge participant and marshalling numbers etc, we will then publish the amended calendar in the next week or so.
As you are aware everyone needs to join Cycling Ireland and take out the Appropriate licence. LEISURE LICENCE  for the Touring members, LIMITED/CLUB COMPETITION Licence for riding the IVCA Races.
FULL COMPETITION Licence if you chose to Race IVCA and Cycling Ireland Open Races.
All IVCA fees  carried over from 2020 but Insurance fees which CI membership provides have to be paid to enable you to Race.
The IVCA Insurance policy lapsed in 2020 because the cost was too prohibitave and we have affiliated with CI for the benefit of availing of their affordable insurance cover.
We will start the races based on the groups that we had prepared for the start of the 2020 season and we will adjust the make up of each group as we see how everyone progresses through the first events.
We will publish the groups on the website in plenty of time before the races commence .
We will keep you updated as we are progressing.
Best regards

Message for our Chairman

To all members,
I hope you are all well and looking for some racing in our racing league. Thanks for your support and patience during this pandemic, you will be aware that we had to cancel all events, including this year’s W200, the board and race Committee are hoping to have the league’s back on July.
All fees have been rolled on from 2020, we may have problems with venues so some courses may be used often. By now you all should have a Cycling Ireland limited competition licence as we are now affiliated to CI. A good number of people have spent this lockdown on turbos/rollers, so we would suggest getting group riding skills back to race level. We hope to run the limited calendar thru to Oct, and it will be important to observe all covid 19 protocol put in place by race Committee.
Once again thank you for your support and  patience, keep well and I hope to see you all on the road.
Mick Davis, Chairman I.V.C.A