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IVCA Membership 2019

IVCA membership for 2019 is now open and if you are a current member for the 2018 season, or were a member for the 2017 season, you should have received a text message recently from Eventmaster, inviting you to renew your membership for 2019.

You can renew your membership on-line either from the link in your text message, or from the Eventmaster website:

IVCA Current/Recent Members EventMaster Online Application.


If you prefer, you can still print down and fill out a paper-based form (available at the bottom of this page). However, the on-line application is a much quicker option and speeds up administration.

Membership for 2019 is initially being offered to current/recent members and if you are applying on-line, you must insert the personal code in the text which you received from Eventmaster. A unique code has been provided to each member, and is non-transferable. The closing date for racing membership applications is 1 February 2019 and will be strictly applied. There are a number of options open to you, as set out below.

With regard to racing licences, and as discussed at the recent AGM, the IVCA will be introducing Transponders in the coming 2019 season. it was generally agreed (at the AGM) that the method of capturing the results needed to be improved, and this is a fundamental motivation behind moving to a transponder-based system. Also, the current method of compiling the results after each race, is quite time-consuming for members of the race committee, so the new system’s aim is to reduce manual steps where possible.

With this in mind, a system that has a “track record” / use in other racing setups is being chosen, (the “MyLaps” system) – this has been used in a number of prominent cycling races, including the Ras na mBan, amongst others. The system has a “base station”, which is being centrally funded by the IVCA. In addition, there is a a per-transponder licence cost which is annual. Due to the nature of this charge (being annual) and tied to each individual transponder, and taking into consideration that the membership at the AGM felt it would be less cumbersome to “centralise” the transponder pool acquisition (as opposed to each member individually and independently acquiring their own transponder) , and this has resulted in a slight rise in cost of the racing membership.

If you are applying as a new member, please download out a pre-application form, from the links below, and follow the instructions and return the form to the email address stated in the form. Please ensure that you return this pre-application form by the closing date stated, there is no need to fill out any other form(s) at this point, and you will be contacted if you need to fill out further forms.

IVCA Membership Options 2019
Non-competitive Cycling membership
(i.e. Touring. Leisure)
Option NC1
Fee covers basic membership, insurance and free entry to the Wicklow 200
Option NC2
For members 66 years of age or over in 2019, with 10 years’ unbroken membership immediately prior to 2019.
Fee includes free membership and insurance cost and also free entry to the Wicklow 200

Racing membership
Option R1
For members 66 years of age or over in 2019, with 10 years’ unbroken membership immediately prior to 2019.
Fee includes free membership and racing fees with annual transponder license, and also provides insurance cover.
Option R2
For racing members other than those in Category R1, this option covers basic membership, insurance and participation in all road races, annual transponder license, time trial and track events.

TT and Track racing only
Option T1
For members 66 years of age or over in 2019, with 10 years’ unbroken membership immediately prior to 2019.
Fee includes free membership and racing fees, and also provides insurance cover.
Option T2
For TT/track riders other than those in Category T1, this option covers basic membership, insurance and participation in time trial and track events only.

IVCA Membership  2019 – Downloadable Forms
As stated above, the preference is for online application using the EventMaster system, however the following forms can be downloaded and completed. Full instructions are in the forms.





Membership Options:



IVCA Racing Membership  2019 – New Member – Pre Application Form

The IVCA is open to males who are / will be 40 years of age or older, and females who are/will be 35 years of age, or older, in the calendar year to which membership applies.  If you wish to be considered as a new racing member please download the form below, and follow the instructions contained therein, returning the form to the email stated by the closing date of 15 December 2018:



Please also note:

  • The pre-application process remains open for new women applicants for racing membership
  • TT Only, and Non-Competitive/Leisure licences remain open for both male and female applicants.


IVCA Time Trial Championships 2018, handicap medals.

Please note that I have now taken delivery of three sets of Gold, Silver and Bronze handicap winners medals.
I propose to hold on to them until the TT’s start up again in 2019 unless anyone wants to make arrangements to collect from me.
The medals are for James Kinch, Karl Gallagher, Myself, Gold. Tony O’Malley, Mark Kidd, Noel Conway, Silver. Eddie Dunne, ian O’ Hara, Peter Raftery, Bronze.

2018 Annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner

The annual Awards Ceremony and Dinner of the IVCA will take place at:

The Springfield Hotel, Leixlip, on Sunday 4th November, commencing at 2.30pm

This is a great end-of-season social event and provides an opportunity to catch up with fellow members to discuss the year just gone.

And, yes, there will be prizes to award, too, to the many winners across racing, touring and track events in 2018.

We hope to see as many people as possible in attendance – all members and partners are welcome.  The cost of the 3-course meal is €25, payable at the door.

The event is being subsidised by the IVCA and we are trying to gauge interest, so if you’re interested in coming could you please fill out the (very simple) form below: