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IVCA 10TT Rathcoffey Saturday Series Results 30/04/2016.


Our first Saturday League TT was also our first trial of a new course at Rathcoffey / Kilcock. There were varying views on the course from a safety aspect so I would ask everyone there to drop a mail to TTcomm with their views for committee to consider. Certainly the facilities at the GAA were excellent and only missing catering facilities.

It was another very cold outing but there were great times done by a few with Paul again dominating affairs in all categories.

Next Tuesday, 3/5 we are again at Black Bull and the following Saturday we are at Hattons Restaurant, Summerhill / Kilcock course for another variation this time with a start / finish at Hattons, and one or one and a bit laps of the full stretch in a Hattons – Kilcock – Summerhill – Hattons direction. Start time 0930 again.


Start IVCA No. Licence Name Gender Age Handicap Time Age Std Time Finish time Actual Time Actual Time Pos.
00:14:00 1255 Paul Dolan M 49 00:22:34 00:25:54 00:36:22 00:22:22 1
00:12:00 1427 David Carroll M 45 00:22:01 00:25:36 00:34:42 00:22:42 2
00:08:00 1224 Pat Byrne M 52 00:23:20 00:26:08 00:31:26 00:23:26 3
00:11:00 1348 Ciara Kinch F 43 00:24:35 00:27:29 00:36:13 00:25:13 7
00:04:00 1101 Mick Usher M 62 00:24:50 00:26:56 00:29:34 00:25:34 9
00:09:00 1398 Aidan Yates M 42 00:23:16 00:25:22 00:33:13 00:24:13 4
00:10:00 1040 Phil Ormrod M 72 00:24:25 00:28:20 00:37:17 00:27:17 11
00:06:00 1527 Donal Gleeson M 45 #N/A 00:25:36 00:30:37 00:24:37 6
00:13:00 1236 John Dillon M 51 00:22:31 00:26:03 00:37:36 00:24:36 5
00:05:00 1402 Stephen Walsh M 47 00:24:16 00:25:45 00:30:26 00:25:26 8
00:02:00 1311 Deanne Sanders F 45 00:25:06 00:27:38 00:30:21 00:28:21 14
00:15:00 1261 Leonard Carrigan M 49 00:24:57 00:25:54 00:41:57 00:26:57 10
00:16:00 1123 Colm Cassidy M 59 00:25:05 00:26:41 00:43:56 00:27:56 12
00:03:00 1162 William Parnell M 56 00:20:00 00:26:26 00:31:10 00:28:10 13
00:01:00 1077 Brendan Byrne M 66 00:26:52 00:27:23 00:30:50 00:29:50 15
00:07:00 1541 Eamonn Walsh M 57 #N/A 00:26:31 00:37:34 00:30:34 16


Next Road Event: Kentstown Sunday 1st May 2016

Registration / Sign on opens 8:15 @ at Kentstown School and Closes at 8:45, please ensure you bring your swipe card !!

Race starts 9:00, Marshals please arrive early, marshal briefing will be at 8:30

From M50 take the N2 (Ashbourne/Slane Road) turn-off, stay on the N2 road around Ashbourne, continue about 12km after Ashbourne and take a left at the cross roads (Kentstown/Duleek) and you are on the “school road” to Kentstown. The start/sign-on is in the car park of the School.

Google Directions Click here 

Number of Laps:

Race 1 –  4 laps

Race 2&3 – 3 laps

Race 4  – 2 laps

Course Details

KM Road / Route no Description
0 km R150 Sign on and start at Kentstown National School
0.4km R150 Pass finish line at 400mts near the old school
1.8km R152 / N2 Caution: Turn left onto major road (N2)
5.4km N2 / L1013 Turn left onto the L1013at the major T-Junction (The Brink). Direction Senchelstown towards Navan
8km L1013 Commence climb
9.2km L1013 Caution: Crossroads. Continue straight through
12.1km L1013 / R153 Caution: Sharp Left turn downhill towards Kentstown
18.2km R153 Caution: Church and staggered crossroads. Continue straight
21.3km R153 / N2 Turn left onto N2 towards Slane
23.4km N2 Continue passed the start / finish straight ((R150) to begin next lap.
  N2 / R150 At the end of the last  lap, turn left onto R150 from N2 to finish (Approx 1.6kms)
  R150 Finish at the old National school



10 mile TT Batterstown Results TTL_01 26/04/2016

IVCA Time Trial League Results 2016

So. We got off to a cold and windy start to the time trial season last night.

As ever, thanks to the full compliment of timekeepers and marshals who turned out.

A healthy 28 riders signed on, and apart from a couple who made embarrassing equipment discoveries, we can be pleased that at least we stayed dry !

Sorry for the delay, have everyone properly in the system now.

Needless to say the were no handicap beatings on what was generally agreed to be a brutal test. The spoils of the day were mopped in comprehensive fashion in a brilliant performance by Paul Dolan who recorded the fastest time with 0:23:13, won on handicap and also on Age Standard. It was an indication of how tough the night was to see only seven riders beating age standard.

For those new to veteran time trialing I should explain that the premier status goes to the Age Standard competition which gives riders right across the age spectrum competition on a level playing field. You will find the Age Standard tables for men age 40 and up, and women age 35 and up in the results workbook. Note that your racing age is the age you reach during the course of the year for the full year. An ” Elite ” rider in his 40’s or his 70’s can be expected to beat standard by 3 to four minutes in a ten mile TT. The standards are set at a level that most should be able to achieve with a reasonable level of experience and form. ie about 38 kph, men and 36 kph, women in a 10 TT.

New members to time trialing will be allocated after they have ridden two events at each of the ten and twenty five distances and one in the 50 and circuit TT. For the first events they will ride off scratch, ie nominaly set at 30 mph :-).

This coming Saturday is our first outing on a newly measured course with HQ at Rathcoffey GAA and running from there to Kilcock and back.  Car park and changing facilities are open from 0830, first man off 0930.



IVCA No. Licence Name Gender Age Handicap Time Age Std Time Finish time Actual Time Actual Time Pos.
1255 Paul Dolan M 49 00:22:34 00:25:54 00:27:13 00:23:13 1
1539 #N/A M #N/A 00:20:00 #N/A 00:33:25 00:24:25 2
1328 Mark McCabe M 45 00:20:00 00:25:36 00:41:25 00:24:25 3
1095 Adrian Byrne M 63 00:20:00 00:27:02 00:36:10 00:25:10 4
1402 Stephen Walsh M 47 00:24:16 00:25:45 00:39:31 00:25:31 5
1258 Rodney Joyce M 49 00:24:29 00:25:54 00:42:08 00:26:08 6
1519 John Kehoe M 47 00:20:00 00:25:45 00:51:08 00:26:08 7
1141 Tom Malone M 58 00:23:22 00:26:36 00:31:12 00:26:12 8
1101 Mick Usher M 62 00:24:50 00:26:56 00:38:20 00:26:20 9
1259 Mark Prendergast M 49 00:22:29 00:25:54 00:49:31 00:26:31 10
1348 Ciara Kinch M 43 00:24:35 00:25:26 00:52:38 00:26:38 11
1488 Conor Barry M 43 00:20:00 00:25:26 00:34:57 00:26:57 12
1390 Donagh McArdle M 48 00:24:43 00:25:49 00:45:59 00:26:59 13
1446 David McDonald M 44 00:20:00 00:25:31 00:51:02 00:27:02 14
1261 Leonard Carrigan M 49 00:24:57 00:25:54 00:55:26 00:27:26 15
1096 Peter Raftery M 63 00:24:40 00:27:02 00:49:39 00:27:39 16
1040 Phil Ormrod M 72 00:24:25 00:28:20 00:38:51 00:28:51 17
1195 Willie McDonald M 54 00:20:00 00:26:17 00:47:06 00:29:06 18
1311 Deanne Sanders M 45 00:25:06 00:25:36 00:32:24 00:29:24 19
1114 Jimmy Murphy M 60 00:27:03 00:26:45 00:50:27 00:29:27 20
1284 Enda Smyth M 47 00:24:38 00:25:45 00:36:46 00:29:46 21
1530 Brian Kane M 41 00:20:00 00:25:17 00:50:42 00:30:42 22
1090 Colm Conway M 64 00:29:51 00:27:09 00:45:56 00:30:56 23
1077 Brendan Byrne M 66 00:26:52 00:27:23 00:33:06 00:31:06 24
1002 Kevin Simms M 84 00:31:23 00:31:48 00:45:17 00:44:17 25
1231 Billy Bourke M 51 00:20:00 00:26:03 01:00:00 00:47:00 26
1123 Colm Cassidy M 59 00:25:05 00:26:41 01:00:00 00:54:00

Summerhill Race Results

Full results of races in Summerhill on 24th April are available on the Race Results page. Victory in the four races went to John Shortt, Mark Burns, David MacNeaney and Jim Morahan. The top 10 finishers in each race are shown in finish order; all other riders receive two League points and are shown by race number. Well done to all. Many thanks, as ever to all the marshals and everyone who helped out on the day.

Picture of Eddie Scully and Des Howe courtesy of Brendan Culleton

Note Venue Change to Summerhill Sun 24 April 2016

Due to unforeseen circumstances the race venue has been changed to Summerhill

Registration / Sign on opens 8:15 @ Community Centre Summerhill and Closes at 8:45, please ensure you bring your swipe card !!

Race starts 9:00, Marshals please arrive early, marshal briefing will be at 8:30

For Directions click here 

25k – Lap

Race 1  – 4 laps

Race 2&3 –  3 laps

Race 4 –  2 laps

Route Details



KM Road /Route no Description
0km L6212 Start outside the community centre in Summerhill
0.1km L6212 /R158 After 100 metres turn left into Summerhill
0.2km R158 Turn left onto R158 towards Trim.
2.1km R158 Go passed the Church
6.5km R158 Go up drag at Trim Quarry. Fast descent from quarry
9.7km R158 /R160 At the Trim roundabout take a left (1st Exit) for Longwood
12.2km R160 Continue passed Trim Golf Club
14.3km R160 Caution: Road narrows
14.9km R160 Continue straight through crossroads
16.2km R160 /R156 Turn Left onto R156 towards Rathmoylon
19km R156 Minor crosswords. Continue
19.7km R156 Caution Rathmoylon church
20km R156 At the Rathmoylon crossroads continue straight on.
20.1 R156 Caution: Right-hand bend.
23.3km R156 Caution: Crossroads. Downhill approach. 1.3 km to Finish
24.6km             R156 Pass finish line to begin next lap
25.0km R156 / R158 Turn left onto R158 to begin next lap
  R156 Finish just before Summerhill GFC sign




Road Results of Kilcullen races, 17th April 2016

Full results of Kilcullen races, 17th April, are now available on the Race Results page of the website. You can click on the tabs to review the results of previous races also.

Congratulations to the Kilcullen winners, John Brady, Mark McGarry, Brian Kilbride and Jim Morahan. Many thanks to all who helped make it another great day’s racing – drivers, motor bike marshals and static marshals – and our Race Director, Tom O’Connell.

Road Race Details Kilcullen Sun 17th April 2016

It is very important that when you sign-on at each race that you have you racing card swiped otherwise you won’t be listed on the start sheet
As this is the first race of the season so please ensure arrive early and in plenty of time
Marshals please arrive at least 30 mins before the race start for your briefing

Sign on from 8.00am – 8.45am; Race Starts 9.00AM !

Take M7 from Dublin , Merge onto M9 and take exit 2  R448 To Kilcullen/Kilmead,  follow R448 to New Abbey Road R413 and turn left. Entrance is 200mtrs on the left.

Click below for

Google Maps Link for Kilcullen



KM Road / Route no Description
0km R418 Start between M9 Motorway & R448/R418 Junction
2.1km L8008 Junction 1 – Turn Left onto L8008 towards Calverstown

Caution riders must yield to traffic from the right

4.3km L8008 Caution enter Calverstown and Ramps for 900m ( 6 in total)
4.8km L8008 Junction 2 – Crossroads in Calverstown
9.0km L8008 Enter Narraghmore
9.2km L8008 / L8015 Junction 3 Turn left at T junction onto L8015 – Caution 2 ramps
10.8km L8015 Pinch Point – Caution road narrows for 400m
10.9 L8015 300m before Motor way bridge
11.2km L8015 Motor way bridge
12.2km L8015 / R448 Junction 4 – Turn left at T Junction onto R448
21.5km R448 Finish Line / Start next lap
21.5km R448 / R418 Junction 5 Turn left onto R418 to begin next lap – Caution fast decent to T junction


IVCA Time Trialling Kicks off 26/04/2016.

The first TT event of the 2016 season takes place on Tuesday 26th April.

Usual HQ at Black Bull. We had hoped to find a local HQ with car park and toilet facilities but have been unsuccessful.

Note that the nearest WC facilities are in Batterstown at the garage or the pub. Utmost discretion elsewhere please.

Sign on will close at 1900 for a first man off at 1915.

The second Tuesday event is as above on the following Tuesday, 3rd May.

Saturday morning TT League kicks off on Saturday 30th April on a new course with HQ at Rathcoffey GAA. which is 5 miles from Kilcock on the Clane road R407.

For a further Course details and information check the TT courses page here 



Race day at The Curragh – DMS 10th April 2016

t was cold, it was wet, it was windy and it was carnage as three of the four races at The Curragh exploded to pieces with very fast racing from the off.

Victory went to Sean Bracken (Race 1), Mike Claffey (Race 2), Eoin Delaney (Race 3) and Jim Morahan(Race 4). Some epic rides were put in by many others, including Barry Swan, who finished second to Bracken after being away on his own for a lap and a half, and Sean Lally, now in his 70s, but finishing an excellent third in Race 2.

Well done again to all our marshals, outriders and lead cars for their efforts on such a cold and damp day. Thanks also to Tom O’Connell, our Race Director, Brendan Culleton, our photographer, and our paramedic. You can view the photos of today’s race on Brendan’s Facebook page.

Race 1
Seán Bracken 741 Usher IRC G 12
Barry Swan 706 Smart Lamp G 11
Patrick Deegan 736 IVCA G 10
Joe Christian 720 Gorey CC G 9
Brian Byrne 605 IVCA F 8
Dylan Rafter 713 IVCA G 7
Mark Kiernan 729 Kilcullen CC G 6
Mark Mearns 748 LCRC G 5
Diarmuid Collins 712 Orwell Wheelers G 4
Jonathan Grimes 623 McNally Swords CC F 3
Race 2
Mike Claffey 538 Bray Wheelers E 12
Mark Burns 536 McNally Swords CC E 11
Seán Lally 451 Smart Lamp D 10
Adrian Byrne 402 Garda CC D 9
Mark McGarry 436 Sorrento CC D 8
Malcolm Kell 535 Smart Lamp E 7
Rodney Joyce 447 St Tiernans CC D 6
Jason O’Toole 524 McNally Swords CC E 5
Arthur Ebbs 501 Orwell Wheelers E 4
Eddie Mongey 424 IVCA D 3
Andrew Bartley 407 Donadea Wheelers D 2
Race 3
Eoin Delaney 315 LCRC C 12
Graham Synnott 319 Donadea Wheelers C 11
Aidan McKenna 301 Bray Wheelers C 10
David MacNeaney 309 Bray Wheelers C 9
Sean Dunne 332 Bray Wheelers C 8
Paul Atkinson 328 McNally Swords CC C 7
Ned Costello 215 Sundrive Track B 6
Gerry Jameson 318 Blanch Wheelers CC C 5
Willie McDonald 337 Carlow CC C 4
Declan Weldon 311 Clonard Road Club C 3
Aidan Richardson 201 Velo Club Dynamic B 2

IVCA DMS Curragh Sunday 10th April

Sign on from 8 – 8.45am @the Curragh Race Start 9am

 It is very important that when you sign-on at each race that you have you racing card swiped otherwise you won’t be listed on the start sheet

Marshals please arrive at least 30 mins before the race start for your briefing

Take M7 South. Get off at Junction 12. Cross back over the motorway and follow the R413 past the Curragh race coarse on your Left.

At Approx 2km you take a right fork onto the Rathbride Road . Cross over narrow railway bridge and continue until you meet the R415. (Rathbride Cross)

At this stage you will see the cars parked.

Directions Here 



Folks, please remember that you are competing on OPEN ROADS, so stay on the correct (left) side of the road and please avoid physical contact with your follow competitors during the race.

 Don’t forget that Marshals have no power to halt traffic – their purpose is to warn traffic that there are riders on the course 

 As always, we ask riders to respect property and not leave any litter