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Kelly Cup 25M TT Results 27th May

Hi al
please see below results for the Kelly Cup 25M TT, held at Moy Valley. Thanks to our time keeper, marshals and medic.

Licence Name Gender Actual Time Actual Time Pos. Bike Type
Joe Sheehy M 00:54:58 1 Aero TT Bike
Rob Jennings M 00:55:39 2 Aero TT Bike
Brian McNally M 00:56:43 3 Aero TT Bike
Shaun Kelly M 00:58:51 4 Aero TT Bike
Mark Sheedy M 00:59:32 5 Aero TT Bike
Ian O’Hara M 01:00:00 6 Aero TT Bike
Joseph Kelly M 01:00:10 7 Aero TT Bike
John Rowan M 01:02:15 8 Aero TT Bike
Noel Brannigan M 01:05:06 9 Aero TT Bike
Martin Deevy M 01:06:55 10 Aero TT Bike
Declan Weldon M 01:08:22 11 Road Bike
Damian Byrne M 01:13:34 12 Road Bike
Tara Nelson F 01:16:46 13 Road Bike

Age Championships Photo Finish & Presentation

Race Winner 40-49

1st Garry Donohue

2nd Paul McKenna

3rd Bradley Turner

Race Winner 50-59

1st Sean Curtis

2nd Robert Bowen

3rd John Dillon

Race Winner 60-69 

1st Josh Murphy

2nd Gerard Madden

3rd  Sean Bracken

Race Winner 70+

1st Mick Usher

2nd Barry Redmond

3rd  Jimmy Lally



40-49 Garry Donohue

50-59 Sean Curtis

60-69 Josh Murphy

70+ Mick Usher

10MTT – Kilcock – 18th May

Hi all.

Another great turn out with 20 riders taking part, conditions were windy and not a fast a day as expected one on of our fastest 10 courses. Big Thanks to our Time keep Ian Cassidy and our marshals and medic, without whom there would be no race! Another age standard record beaten by Phil Ormod beating his age Standard once again – Legend! And to Jennifer and Mark who both beat their Handicap times – Chapeau! Well done to Neill who despite only having one gear his biggest one due to “techicnical difficulties” got fastest time!

Licence Name Gender Actual Time Actual Time Pos. Bike
Neill Delahaye M 00:21:09 1 Aero TT Bike
Joe Sheehy M 00:21:50 2 Aero TT Bike
Tony O’Malley M 00:22:17 3 Aero TT Bike
Mark Sheedy M 00:22:26 4 Aero TT Bike
Ian Devlin M 00:22:55 5 Aero TT Bike
Mark Cooney M 00:23:24 6 Aero TT Bike
John Rowan M 00:23:31 7 Aero TT Bike
Denis Fielding M 00:23:50 8 Aero TT Bike
Ivan Casey M 00:23:53 9 Aero TT Bike
Malcolm Kell M 00:24:12 10 Aero TT Bike
Fergal Quinn M 00:24:14 11 Aero TT Bike
Eoghan Connolly M 00:24:33 12 Aero TT Bike
Jennifer Bates F 00:24:35 13 Aero TT Bike
Noel Brannigan M 00:24:47 14 Aero TT Bike
Michael Kiernan M 00:25:24 15 Aero TT Bike
Declan Weldon M 00:25:58 16 Road Bike
Paul Conroy M 00:28:00 17 Road Bike
Phil Ormrod M 00:28:39 18 Aero TT Bike
Richard Hart M 00:29:11 19 Road Bike
Majella Rafferty F 00:29:27 20 Road Bike

Conditions  Cloudy

Temperature 13 ℃
Humidity 87%
Feels like 12 ℃
Wind Speed 13.8 km/h
Wind Direction N