Monthly Archive: November 2022

2023 New Racing Membership and Membership Renewals

The IVCA is now open to applications from new members interested in joining the league for the 2023 racing season.  Current members are also invited to renew their membership if they intend on racing in 2023

New Members

To be considered for eligibility to race with the IVCA you are first asked to complete the pre-application form.  See the link below to access the form.

The form should be downloaded, completed, signed, scanned and returned via email to before the 18th of December 2022.

You do not need to complete any further application at this stage or send a membership fee.  We will notify you of the outcome of your application in due course.

The Pre-application Form can be found and downloaded by clicking this link 2023-IVCA-Pre-Application-form

Membership Renewals

In order to become a member of the IVCA, you must first be a member of Cycling Ireland.  Once your Cycling Ireland membership has been paid, you can renew your IVCA membership via Eventmaster. Search for IVCA 2023 Subs as an event in Eventmaster.  If you intend to race with the IVCA you can do so with a Cycling Ireland Limited Competition licence.

IVCA fees for 2023 are €160 for Road, TT, and Track or €90 for TT and Track only.

You will shortly receive an email with a unique code which must be used when paying your 2023 membership fees.

NOTE:  It is the current requirement of the IVCA that all members must attend a safety briefing.

The dates for the 2023 season safety briefings are Saturday 11th March (afternoon), Tuesday 14th March, and Tuesday 28th March (both evening sessions).

You will be notified by email of the exact times nearer the date.  All briefings will be held at the Springfield Hotel, Leixlip.


 The Race Committee

Some Video from the Vets!

Fred Harte, has kindly sent in some video clips from his Fly 6, see clips and comments below.
Click on the links to open the video clips in new tab.
thanks Fred!
I have a Fly 6 for my bike that not only acts as a rear light but has an inbuilt
video cam as well. The device works well, only marred by a drop of water should
it get on the lens, or if the sun is shining directly into it. Here are three
videos of IVCA events which illustrate the quality. No transitions were used –
they’re fairly obvious anyway.
1. Joe Hoare tour. 17th Oct. 2021. [2:55] Wet roads didn’t dampen the day. After
a coffee stop in Summerhill the video ends with a good shot of Evelyn Doyle.
2. Dermot McGrath race. 17th Apr. 2022. [5:16] Green Sheds circuit.
Highlights: (a) The Red group being overtaken by faster ones. (b) Rider catching
up to the Red group from the Grange. (c) Two riders racing through the Reds on
the “inside”. (d) The Finish – always nice to end upright!
3. Gay Farnan tour. 2nd Oct. 2022. [10.04]
No race that Sunday so some riders who would have normally raced turned out for
the tour instead. The video ends after the drag at Dorey’s Forge at Elliot’s
where most of the participants turned towards Summerhill for a coffee stop while
a small group chose to head directly back to Clonee
4. The Trouble with Dogs! – Fred Harte
Going up the drag into Garristown a dog ran at me.
I couldn’t see it as it was either at my right leg
or directly behind me. At one stage it was joined by
another unseen dog that was stirred into action by
the excited barking of the first one. I couldn’t
sprint away, and kept cycling up the drag in the
hope that the “chasing pack” didn’t tear lumps out
of my calf. Only when I got home and looked at the
video did I see the threat. Had I been bitten,
I’d have had hard evidence available.

Annual Prize Giving – Sunday 27th Nov

Hi ll,
The day is fast approaching for our annual prize giving, for those who won their leagues and other events during the 2022 season as well as dinner
It is taking place again in the Springfield Hotel on Sunday 27th Nov at 2.30 pm
The cost per person is €10.00, CASH only, as we do not have facilities for taking card payment, the board has decided to subsidise it for this year.
The room can accommodate 200 people so if we reach this number you will have to look in the window at the rest of us
If you want to attend send an email to
We will need to have numbers finalised by Wednesday 23rd November