Byrd flies fastest up the hill

Eamonn Byrd proved to be the fastest rider in a closely contested battle for the IVCA Hill Climb on Cromwellstown Hill on 2nd October, with just three seconds separating the top three riders.

Starting mid-way down the field in this time trial event, Eamonn was the first rider to break 6 minutes for the 2.25 Km ascent, with a time of 5 mins 46 seconds.  He barely had time to catch his breath before the next rider on the road, Colin Robinson, crossed the line in 5 mins 49.04 seconds.

There was then a nail-biting wait for the remaining riders to finish, with the penultimate rider, Paul Dolan, pushing hard all the way to the line to stop the clock in 5 mins 49.41 seconds – less than half a second behind Robinson.  Ross Cadogan was the fourth rider to break 6 minutes on the day, with a time of 5 mins 57 secs.

Ian Devlin was the best against Handicap Time, improving on his previous time by 7 seconds.  Second place on handicap went to Daragh O’Toole, with a 5 second improvement on his time.  Eamonn Byrd featured again on Handicap Time, with his time of 5:46 exactly matching his previous best from 2019.  Next in this category were Colin Robinson, Paul Dolan and Ross Cadogan.

See the full results of the 2022 Hill Climb below.

A special word of thanks to timekeepers Harry Sherratt and Dave Cormack, and helpers Terry Ferris and Phil Ormrod at the start and finish respectively.


Hill Climb Results 2022