Monthly Archive: May 2018

IVCA TTL_06. Kelly Cup.

Sorry I had to miss it myself and I obviously missed a good night and I see that I was not the only one as we had a low turnout.
Congratulations to Hugh Davis on the Age Standard win notching up another super age record time.
Five riders beat handicap, well done to all.
A surprising number of DNFs thanks to Dave Carroll for declaring a realised short course ridden. IT’S THREE ROUNDABOUTS AT ENFIELD :-))

Thanks as ever to Harry on the watch and all the marshals.

TTL-05. IVCA 10 ml. TT Championship.

Been having an extremely hectic week. Apologies to James Kinch whos’ handicap I had overlooked updating after his second ride at the distance.
Result now corrected and showing that James won the handicap 🙂 Off to a great start in time trialling James, well done.
The corrected result sheet has now been posted to TT Results.
Back to Moy Valley tomorrow evening for the Kelly Cup 25 TT.
HQ Mother Hubbards Truck Stop at Broadford.

IVCA Sat TT_04. 10 TT Moy Valley.

A fine warm, sunny but not breeze free morning greeted our twelve riders, timekeepers and marshals at Mother Hubbards where the after race Pancakes always make for an enjoyable social side to the hard work . Thanks as always to the folk who make our sport possible.
Ian Cassidy cleans up, as ever, on actual time from Pat Byrne and Aidan Yates, and on age standard from Pat Byrne and Phil Ormrod .
Two riders managed to beat handicap with Tom Malone taking top spot from Brendan Byrne and Eddie Dunne.
We are back at Moy Valley next Saturday for the 10 TT championships which unfortunately I won’t be around for.
Tuesday evening ( 22 nd ) is our first ” 25 ” of the season with a 1915 start time on the Black Bull / Trim course.


Sorry Guys, I see I had not posted the Name. It’s Parke House Nursing Home and is flagged on Google Maps.

IVCA TTL_03. Tuesday 8th May, 2018. 19:15. Kilcock.

Parking and sign at usual place outside the nursing home.

Note we do not have any facilities for changing / toilets in Kilcock.

Absolutely no indiscretion please.

We will be using the slip road finish again so remember to keep left in the last 2/300 metres to the finish line.


IVCA Sat TT_02. 10 mile TT. Hatchet Inn.

Aaaaah, fifteen riders, timekeepers and marshals enjoyed excellent conditions on Saturday morning. All very civilised with the new car parking arrangements. Looked after very well by Barman Dave and other staff and even got to enjoy coffee out on the new patio area after the TT.
I’ve managed to cripple the League table tabs on the results workbook so don’t bother looking there. Hope to resurrect soon.

IVCA Sat TT_02. 10 mile TT. Hatchet Inn.

Hi All.
There have been changes at the Hatchet. The garage has reopened and is not available for our use.
However, this is not a problem as the Hatchet Inn are making their car park available to us and will be opening up at 0830.On a different subject. I apologise that I’ve been struggling to get results up on this first week. There’s a lot of prep work on the system required which I normally have done before the first event but I did not manage it this year. Should be back to normal at the weekend.
The weather men are forecast better weather from the weekend so hopefully we’ll get better conditions and bigger entries.
See y’all Saturday morning,

Change of Venue For Sundays Race May 6th – Now Dunsany

Due to circumstances beyond our control the race committee has to change the venue for next Sunday’s race 6th May.
The Dermot McGrath memorial will now take place on the green sheds circuit.
The venue is Dunsany GAA, Dunsany Co.Meath.
Sign on open 8.00am – 8.45am
Race 1  5 Laps
Race 2  4 Laps
Race 3  3 Laps
Race 4  2 Laps
Marsjhals please arrive early.
Marshal briefing 8.30am
There will be a prize presentation afterwards in the clubhouse where refreshments will be served. All welcome.